Welcome to my new blog!

Hello! Welcome to the new Magic Jelly blog! :) Whew, what a relief to finally launch it!


My site is still very much a work in progress. You'll see that the other sections, such as my shop, aren't ready yet - but I was so eager to start blogging again, I couldn't wait any longer! My contact page should be up in a few days, & my brand new online shop some time in August, with a whole range of new products. Busy times ahead...

Creating this blog has been an enormous project because it has been totally customised, right down to the very last pixel. I could not have done it without my Craft Cult partner & good friend Julian Lievano, who is not only a super-creative glassblower, but also a talented web developer. So with me designing everything & Julian taking care of all the brainy technical stuff, I finally have the blog of my dreams. Thank you so much Julian, for all your hard work & generosity - I am so happy with Magic Jelly's new home!

(We're still tweaking a few things here & there, so if you happen to find anything odd or buggy going on, please leave me a comment.)

If you cast your eye over to the right, you'll see a sign-up form where you can subscribe to my newsletter, & also to my blog by email - everyone's welcome! I'm transferring my existing Feedburner subscribers & Google Group list over to my new blog feed & mailing list, so if you happen to have joined previously, there's no need to join again. You can also follow me on Twitter, Pinterest (love Pinterest so much!), Flickr & Tumblr (do you like my little flag-waving bunnies in the sidebar?) & I've just joined Google Plus too. Come & say hi!

Now I just have to hope that the world hasn't forgotten me - I've been working hard for the last couple of years, but haven't had much of an online presence. I'm a little worried I've been left behind, the market has grown so much, particularly here in Australia - there are so many artists & illustrators who've sprung up since I was last blogging & selling my wares online. I hope there's still a little Magic Jelly sized space left for me!

Anyway, enough of the neurotic rambling... Welcome! I hope you like Magic Jelly's new home & pop by to say hello! I'll be posting regularly, so I'll see you all soon.