Done vs. Perfect

You've heard that quote, "Done is better than perfect"... Is it really? Must they be mutually exclusive? Must they compete with one another? If "Done" was in a wrestling match with "Perfect", who would win?

I am a perfectionist from way back, & I don't mean in a good way, I mean in an annoying, procrastinaty, counter-productive way. I've needed to redefine "perfection" in order to spare my sanity & get things done, but even so, here I am, labouring for days (weeks...months!) over painstaking detail... But God is in the detail, right? Or is it the Devil? Perhaps they're both in there, fighting the same fight as Done & Perfect.

My point is, what's wrong with aiming for completion and perfection? The way I look at it, perfection is more about the process than the outcome; it's about taking your vision, that idea that excites & inspires you, & communicating it as clearly & accurately as you can manage. It's about striving to make something the best it can be, testing your mettle, giving it your all. And in doing that, the importance of the outcome seems to pale in comparison to the process - the perfection comes from doing it with love & passion, energy, focus & your very best efforts. There's so much more pride & fulfilment in that than simply "done".

How weird & amazing, that what starts as a tiny spark between synapses, then a scribble in your sketchbook, turns into this fully-realised thing: a product of your dedication to that little fledgling idea in its flight from abstract to concrete. It's easy to take that for granted, but it's a really big deal!

Which segues me nicely into my next shop...*sigh* shop... Firstly it was going to be ready by October, then November, then the holiday season passed me by... The good news is, we're just putting the final flourishes together - the cherry on the sundae - doing a bit more testing, & the Magic Jelly Emporium will be good to go for the New Year. In the case of my shop, I chose "perfect & done" over "done".

Sure, I missed the Christmas season, but I don't like to look at that as Done: 1, Perfect: 0. If there's one thing I've learned about my business, it's that there's no such thing as instant gratification, it's a slow process building a little empire. It's an investment. Part of doing things just right is because this is a super-competitive market, & branding, marketing & presentation matter. But more than that, it's just about personal pride & fulfilment, a love of what I'm doing & desire to do my very best, & recognition that it's not all about the money.

That is why my shop isn't open yet, because I want it to be a work of art along with the things I'm selling in it. But it's coming - it's going to be a great way to start off 2012!