Finders Keepers

I've just finished working on a poster & postcard design for The Finders Keepers' Melbourne Art & Design Market being held in April. As sometimes happens, the direction I initially took was shelved, in this case it was in favour of a collage-based design. I'm rather fond of my first attempt. As I was working on it, I realised that it reminded me of the spine & endpapers of a Little Golden Book, which inspired me to write a post about them a few weeks ago. In other news, I'd like to thank all the lovely people who've been emailing me via my new contact page lately. Firstly, thank you for helping me test the contact form, but also, thank you so much for writing such nice emails - they've been so encouraging & inspiring!


One more thing before I go... I'm working on a new project called 2by4 to get the creative juices flowing. Every day (or maybe most days - no pressure!) I'm going to make at least one little image on paper measuring 2x4 inches. I want to be totally free in terms of the kind of paper I use, as well as the subject matter, media, style & technique. Sometimes it can be rather daunting to start work on a big blank page or wood panel or canvas, but a little 2x4" snippet is a much friendlier prospect. Then, when I have a whole stack of them, I'll make collages from them - it should be fun! I'll make sure to post some of my little 2by4 piccies on my blog as I go along.

Top: Poster design. Bottom Left: Postcard design. Bottom right: First version of poster.

A Little Something New

It might seem like I haven't made anything new for a long time because I really haven't been blogging much about new work, but I've been busy in the background & will have some new things to offer for the holidays.  A few nice people have contacted me to ask when my new online shop will open, & the answer is, things always take longer than you anticipate, but my shop will be open in about two weeks. Keep an eye on the sidebar of my blog...there will be a fun new addition right at the top where you'll be able to take a peek through the window & visit my shop. Meanwhile, I've just designed this 2012 calendar for Etsy, which I'm rather happy with! If you'd like to get hold of one (it's being printed as an A3 poster), Etsy will be giving them away (yesiree - free) at the following events leading up to Christmas, starting with Bowerbird right here in my hometown, Adelaide.

Did you know Etsy has appointed a representative right here in Australia? Her name is Kirsteene & she's busy helping out the local Etsy community & promoting Australian Etsy shop owners here & internationally. She'll be attending the events & giving away Etsy promo stuff (including the calendar). Go & have a chat!

Bowerbird Bazaar, 28-30th October, Adelaide Finders Keepers, 5th & 6th November, Brisbane Markit@FedSquare, 27th November, Melbourne Finders Keepers, 2nd & 3rd December, Sydney

If you're not able to make your way to any of these events, don't worry, when I get hold of some of the calendars I might give away one or two on my blog.

I was so very happy to be asked to design a promotional poster for Etsy. I've been a member of the Etsy community, as both a shop owner & shopper, since 2006, & I know just how much love & pride people put into their shops & products & how much hard work & dedication it takes to be an independent artist/crafter. So I feel very proud to be able to represent such hardworking, creative folk by helping promote Etsy with this calendar. Hopefully it will end up stuck on people's fridges, walls & pinboards for the whole of 2012 & they'll be reminded to visit Etsy (& Magic Jelly!!) whenever they want to buy someone a gift or something nice for themselves!