Memory Lane: Kitty Cats

It's so interesting to compare the different ways these vintage cats have been depicted - each one quite easy to attribute to the decade it was made. They come in all shapes, sizes & styles, but these 20th century cats are all unmistakeably kitty-esque & adorable! Which one is your favourite?


1. Bookends, LudiesBugaboo on Etsy
2. Vintage Packaging, TinkersEphemera on Etsy
3. Chalkware Statue, Pohlmans on Etsy
4. Letter Rack, RaggleTaggleHawker on Etsy
5. Ceramic Figurine, libush on Etsy
6. Cast Iron Money Box, MaisonMaudie on Etsy 
7. Embroidered Pot Holder, Scarlettess on Etsy
8. Metal Charm, YummyTreasures on Etsy 
9. Ceramic Figurine, SecretAgentGirl on Etsy
10. Salt & Pepper Shakers, The Spectrum
11. Halloween Decoration, MoesArt on Etsy
12. Vintage Greeting Card, GrandMothersAttic on Etsy
13. Vintage Playing Cards, WashiWishes on Etsy
14. Vintage Playing Cards, OldAndWise on Etsy
15. Wooden Clock, Serine23 on Etsy
16. Squeaky Toy, GC5Vintage on Etsy
17. Fortune Telling Cards, RetroHeart on Etsy
18. Ceramic Planter, MarcelAndMargolis on Etsy
19. Squeaky Toy, Hubbubbery on Etsy

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