Nine Moleskines

I've had these Moleskine notebooks half finished for a few months now. They need something...I'm just not sure what yet. My love for brown kraft is bordering on obsessive. But who can blame me? It compliments almost any colour & has that beautiful, tactile texture, almost like wood. It's old school, low-tech & utilitarian. It takes ink really well. And it smells good.

An Early Birthday Present to Myself

It's my birthday in a couple of weeks & I thought I'd treat myself to something I've been coveting for a while...a custom made bracelet by Keys & Memories made from vintage celluloid typewriter keys. Yep, that's my name (very handy in case I ever get amnesia). I love love love it!

This is my second custom jewellery purchase from Etsy. I also have a beautiful silver cuff made by Kathryn Riechert. I obviously like jewellery with text on it. This cuff features a little message that's very personal & meaningful to me..."Everything you need, you carry around with you."