Low-Tech Print: Contemporary Hand-Made Printing


"Featuring a global showcase of 100 of the craft's most exciting and influential practitioners. Low Tech Print: Contemporary Hand-Made Printing is an exploration of hand-made screen printing, letterpress, relief printing and other printing methods and how they are used in contemporary design and illustration.

The book shows how practitioners develop a love affair with hand-made techniques and use them to create beautiful contemporary designs, explaining the process behind each technique and its historical context.

Low-Tech Print is a must-have for all design, illustration, craft and printmaking enthusiasts."

"Karena Colquhoun works under the name Magic Jelly from a small home studio in the Adelaide suburb of Semaphore, South Australia.
          One of the qualities that drew Colqhoun to Gocco is the low-tech imperfection that echoes the cheap pulpiness of old comics, packaging and advertising; the way the ink bleeds and interacts with the paper, the limited colour palette, off-registration and halftones all appealed. Many of her works are multilayered collage pieces with printed elements, like Indiana Ticket. 'I start by applying the torn background paper - I use a whole range of different papers, from Japanese Washi through to vintage maps, wallpaper and book pages,' she explains.
          Colquhoun uses a range of Gocco models, including the small-format B6 and the large-format Print Gocco Arts (PG6)."

1000 Handmade Greetings


"This book is a delightful showcase of 1,000 exciting and contemporary hand-designed greeting cards. This fabulous collection features a wide array of techniques including paint, illustration, collage, hand printing, stenciling, stamping, gocco printing, screen printing, quilling, paper cutting, punching, stitchery, photography, and more.

Featuring work from hundreds of leading paper artists, printers, and designers working today."

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