A Big Plate O' Yum

I started off with this recipe but went off on my own tangent. It's roasted new potatoes, broccolini, mushrooms, red capsicum and onion sauteed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, crispy little spicy chickpeas, on a bed of barley that I cooked in vegetable stock, with not one, but two homemade sauces, zesty green goddess with green peppercorns, and roasted garlic aioli. It was so delicious.

And here's a pic of some recent Breton style crepes that I made. Buckwheat crepes filled with Tofurky smoked ham slices, tomato, wilted baby spinach, swiss brown mushrooms roasted with sliced onion, chopped spring onions, homemade swiss cheese style melt (a highly recommended recipe from this book), and cheddar Biocheese on top. Very yummy!